3D developer job in Helsinki

Grib We are a 3D software company in the city center of Helsinki (Finland) providing mobile AR 3D modeling application. We are highly focused on innovation, user experience, and IPRs to create a new type of augmented reality user experience for intuitive 3D design. We...

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Slush 2017: What happened

Slush 2017 came and went, and it was a blast. A lot to see, do and show, the leading startup event in the world certainly lives up to the hype. From start to finish, the event was full of splendor one needs to see to be believed. So how did it go for Grib amidst all...

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Grib goes to Slush 2017

There has been a lot of hassle and a need to hustle at Grib for the last couple of weeks. We are going to the leading startup event in the world, Slush 2017. We have been working for a couple of months to show our muster. Going to school: How we build our product with...

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Crash Course: Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a key part of the use and function of Grib. It allows turning shapes drawn on paper into virtual objects. But what is AR?   AR transforms how we see reality. In AR, computer-generated additions, like pictures or 3D-objects are placed into...

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Crash Course: 3D Modeling

3D modeling is the creation of a virtual object, called a model. These models are then viewable and manipulatable in real space. Computer-aided design, visual planning, and entertainment use models in various ways, be it visualization or even manufacturing. The main...

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More talents and pioneers in AR industry is needed

Are you excited about augmented reality? Would you love to see it come to your mobile device? Do you love 3D design? Grib brings all those aspects together to make 3D modeling super easy and convenient for your smartphone. It might be an excellent opportunity for you...

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