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More talents and pioneers in the AR industry are needed

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Company

Are you excited about Augmented Reality? Do you love 3D design? How about being able to create 3D designs in AR on your mobile device? Grib makes this possible. We make 3D modeling for your smartphone super easy and convenient. If this is attractive to you this might be an excellent opportunity for your career. There is a high demand for more talents for those familiar with AR, mobile AR, and 3D technologies. The industry is hot and growing rapidly.

At Grib we are continuously looking for professional and enthusiastic talents. All you need to do is send an email to with a link to your LinkedIn and other profiles if you like to show us more about you. Please make sure to include the job title on the subject of your email. These positions are not always open, but we would like to know about you in advance.

List of opportunities

Software Development

We look for 3D developersgame developers, and server developers who love coding for a new 3D world. The skills we are most interested in are: 2D & 3D algorithm development, numerical and analytical development, lower level programming (sockets, etc.), and full–stack development (we have been using mainly C#).

AR UX Design

We look for technical UX designers who have experience with 3D software products and are interested in mobile AR to innovate and create a whole new experience in the 3D design world. The skills we are most interested in are: 3D modeling, technical and analytical thinking, boldness, UX for mobile, prototyping & testing, Unity, UI design, and familiarity with various 3D tools or game development is a plus.

AR UI Design

We look for UI designers who are well familiar with 3D software environment and likes to create innovative and fresh looking interactions when there is the 3rd dimension with minimum buttons on the screen. The skills we are most interested in are: a good sense of humor, prototyping & testing, motion design, and familiarity with Unity, various 3D tools, the game industry, or animation is a plus.

Animation and Motion Design

We look for ambitious animation designers that like to apply their perspective and skills to the creation of innovative graphics for UI besides regular animation designs. The skills we are most interested in are: 2D & 3D animation, Unity, UI design, video making, web graphics. Game design is a plus.

Marketing and Communication

We look for young marketing professionals who are enthusiastic about design and the fast-growing AR world. The talents might be from the areas of marketing management and strategy, online marketing, communications, and customer management.  The skills we are most interested in are: a positive attitude, marketing campaigns, growth hacking, writing savvy and copyrighting, community management, fluent English, blogging, social media, and familiarity/experience with software development, 3D, and AR is a big plus.

Business Development and Sales

We look for savvy business people who are experienced in sales and the app business. The key roles for growth are by leading sales strategies and customer development. The skills we are most interested in are: growth hacking and online strategy, marketing, sales management, business strategy, fluent English, and experience in lean development and finance is a plus.

About the Culture of Grib

Grib aims for maximum convenience not only in regards to its product development but also in regards to its working environment; to this end, we value transparency in our work process. We have flexible working hours and vacations, friendly relationships and social activities, free drinks like coffee and soda, and we do what we can to help you achieve your goals, just like a family does.

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