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2019 has been a fantastic year for Team Grib. 

Milestones were set and met, the team expanded, and we won awards.

We even managed to squeeze in a ‘super’ fun photoshoot by the end of this hectic year, but more on that later. 

Here is a wrap-up of 2019 from the Grib HQ. 

Grib Anniversary 2019

Celebrating Grib’s anniversary at Innovation House Finland.

Grib turned 3 this year, and we got nicknamed as the ‘coolest tech toddler’ in town. 

Now, weren’t toddlers famous for being fearless and big-riskers? At least, we thought so, and that’s exactly what we did next. 

Grib3D workshop in collaboration with Design Museum

Finnish educators attending Grib3D workshop

Maker space in Oodi with Grib3D.

Science summer camp at Heureka.

We dived head-on into our product development phase. 

Multiple versions were tested. By gathering feedback from plenty of app demos at various events, along with the input from our vibrant community of beta testers, helped us make a better version of the Grib3D app. 

The response to the beta version was excellent, and key collaborations have since been a part of the product development process. 

Stay tuned for news on these collaborations. To put it mildly, it is very exciting and we can’t wait to tell you more! 

With the Grib3D’s Beta version, you can now draw in 2D, extrude and modify in 3D and add various features to your creations. 

Download the Beta version here –

If you are interested in 3D modeling and would like to be an early adopter of Grib3D, join our brand new community on Facebook or write to us at

Grib pitch at Slush2019 in Helsinki

Grib3D at XR day Slush19

Our team of makers and doers thrive on finding solutions and moving ahead towards Grib3D’s goals. With a team like this, it was no surprise that Grib was named as one of the top startups to watch out for in 2019. 

As a multicultural team consisting of 8 nationalities and diverse backgrounds, we bring in additional experiences and perspectives needed in developing Grib for the international market space. We enjoy several perks such as flexible work hours, options to work remotely, and several learning opportunities. 

At Grib we firmly believe in providing a nurturing and empowering work atmosphere wherein each member can shine through and discover their fullest potential. 

Does this sound like your dream workplace?  

If yes, check out our open positions here:

While we were busy working on Grib, it felt great to be recognized as one of the top change-makers from the Nordics.

Every award strengthened and validated our belief in the vision of Grib3D. We are creating the next chapter in 3D modeling, and these accolades motivates us further to work hard towards this goal.

Grib won the Nordic Startup Awards in the Creative Industry Category

Grib won the Nordic Startup Awards in the Creative Industry Category in 2019

Grib wins Telia Awards at XR center in Helsinki

Grib wins the Telia XR competition in Helsinki.

Now that we are at the end of a fantastic year, here is what we are looking at for 2020. 

  • Grib3D’s product launch in works: You will soon be able to use Grib3D full fledged app on your smart device in 2020.
  • Grib3D for Education: This is exciting, and if you are a part of the education sector, make sure to sign up here for more details.
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