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We had our Grib t-shirts. We had our Slush Finland badges. We had our mission: to meet possible investors, partners, Edtech colleagues, and engage in public relations, and we split these tasks among the five of us. Our mission began pre-Slush on Monday at The Match Up – XR Event held at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences where our CEO Pouria Kay fielded questions at a fireside chat about inspiring curiosity in children with AR. As he explained, “3D software is virtual reality within the computer, totally digital, missing physical touch, but Grib is more real because it adds a digital layer over physical reality. Nothing is missed. It only augments reality.” Day 1 of Slush began in the morning at our booth at the Business Finland stand as an example of “Next Generation Learning”. “It was exhilarating to see people get excited about the product. All we needed to do was play around with the app and people would come by the stand. It provided great visibility for us” remarked Miikka, Grib’s COO. While we did not have a booth on Wednesday, we continued meeting our respective contacts, making new connections, and having serendipitous encounters. Of course, if you work hard then you deserve to party hard. And that we did at the Slush After Party. Satisfied with our time and energy well spent, we can safely exclaim, “Mission accomplished!” Click here to learn more about Grib
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