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There has been a lot of hassle and a need to hustle at Grib for the last couple of weeks. We are going to the leading startup event in the world, Slush 2017. We have been working for a couple of months to show our muster.

Going to school: How we build our product with the users’ help

Most importantly, we are bringing the latest version of our application for everyone to see. In the weeks prior to Slush, we have piloted the application in a few school in the Helsinki area. Through the pilots, we gathered feedback from users to design the user experience to be as intuitive as possible. We gave the app to students aged 10-18 in different stages of education, all the way from primary to vocational schools. After giving them a brief instruction on how the app functions, we let them start creating on their own. Within 20 minutes, the students were creating complete models. After each session, we collected feedback from the students and the teachers. This feedback has been noted, and most of it has made its way into the application.

What else are we bringing?

The product is not, however, the only thing that requires work when going into an event as large as Slush. The most visible part of our presence at the venue is our booth. All our exhibitors are easily spotted by white T-shirts bearing the Grib logo.

In addition to having our knowledgeable staff telling about the app, we also have videos long in the making showing the application in use. Included is footage of a prototype version of the app from the pilots, so you can see how students aged 10-18 reacted to using the app.

Want to see AR in action at Slush 2017?

Our booth is at D-28, at the eastern end of hall 7 in the Helsinki Expo Center. We’ll also be presented amongst other startup friends from Microsoft Flux. At our booth, you’ll be able to see the latest version of the app. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you may have, and receive any feedback you want to voice. Unlike expo tradition, we are not going to be offering any candy at our booth. We have something better and more suited for the time of year: gingerbread. Grib booth will be present only on Thursday 30th November. If you find us amongst the crowd, feel free to come and talk to us.

You can find our coverage of the goings on at the booth and the event on our Instagram and Twitter.

Grib is ready to represent at Slush 2017

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