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Grib, the world’s first 3D software for spatial computing has been funded by, and accepted as a member of the NordicXR startups portfolio companies. This collaboration leads to Grib being a part of the top innovative tech from Finland that aims towards creating the next generation of AR software. 

“We really like the technology Grib is developing and the passion the team is showing towards making it available for everyone. The application potential for their mobile AR software is almost limitless,” says Petri Rajahalme, Managing director of NordicXR Startups

Market Overview

According to the Statista report, ‘The augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) market amounted to a forecast 16.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and is expected to expand drastically in the coming years, with forecasts for 2023 eclipsing 160 billion U.S. dollars’. This opens up the need for innovation in various industries such as design, manufacturing, architecture, retail etc wherein 3D modelling is primarily used. 

About Grib 

Grib’s 3D modelling application helps in creating 3D designs easily. The focus of the application is to simplify the 3D design process along with making it highly user-friendly and encourage creativity through collaboration. The application has a variety of uses in different sectors such as manufacturing industries, education, architecture and more. Learn more at


About NordicXR startups

NordicXR startups is a pre-seed investor and accelerator for innovative AR/VR startups from the nordics. They provide funding, acceleration and support towards the AR/VR ecosystem by supporting the growth of their investment portfolio companies. NordicXR Startups based in Helsinki, Finland was established in 2017 by Nordisk Films and gumi Inc

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For more information, please contact:


Anusha Ramakrishnan

Marketing Manager, Grib


Janne Kaitila

Program Manager, Nordic XR startups 

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