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A goal for us at Grib has been to make an app, that enables intuitive learning. Many students who start learning 3D modeling software end up dropping out due to the high level of complexity. With Grib, we created an app that would lower the threshold considerably, and allow anyone to start learning and creating in 3D. We have worked tightly with education here in Finland to meet that end. Piloting in a couple primary and trade schools in the Finnish capital region we touched down with educators and students to gain critical insight on how to make the app better so that anyone and everyone can use it to create and learn in 3D augmented reality.

Piloting the app with students and educators isn’t the only thing we have done. We also have been working with the Finnish National Agency of Education. 

What is Education Finland?

Education Finland is a growth program for companies aiming at exporting education. They then provide services, which help the companies reach customers in the education sector. By providing visibility and lead matching, the program helps member companies find better partners and clients, and develop their product further. Read more on Education Finland.

What does this mean for Grib?

Creation, and making it easier and intuitive is a driving force behind the concept of Grib. There is, however, a lot of value in it as a teaching tool. And a student that is able to see the fruits of their learning, and is able to learn by doing themselves instead of just listening or reading instruction, is a happy student. And the results from education sector will not just benefit them, as Grib application will be the same for everyone.

Learn more about what Grib is doing with 3D and Augmented Reality to enable the creation of 3D models.

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