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Frequently Asked Questions


1 - How do I start creating with Grib?

Grib3D is an easy to use 3D software designed to spark creativity and solve problems effectively. After you learn the basic gestures, you are ready to build your first 3D model in AR.

You can check the tutorial from the question mark icon in the top right corner of your Grib scene:

Plus, here are some templates from us that you can try out! Print this out and try it with Grib.

Extrusion templates

2 - I had problems creating 3D objects from my drawings. What do I do?

Let’s make sure that you have a surface scanned. You’ll know that has happened if and when the “surface searching” screen disappears.

Then you need to be aware that when you want to extrude a drawing in Grib: The drawing line needs to be closed and neat. For example:


3 - I have created my super cool 3D models now. What do I do next?

Firstly, great job ? here are some suggestions from us:

  • Share the screenshot on social media with the hashtag #Grib3D. We would love to see your creations and hear back from you. The internet will get to see your cool creation and we will feature them in our social media channels.

  • You can also Export your Grib creations as an OBJ files, which means you can 3D-print single objects that you have created from Grib. Excited? You can find 3D printers in libraries! For reference in Finland, check Oodi!
  • Use your design in VR. Import the OBJ model into VR platforms. 
  • For your inspiration, here are creations printed out from our Extrusion templates

4 - I did not receive my OBJ file for 3D printing. How can I get it?

Check if the objects that you wanted to export are selected. This means that the objects are outlined with orange or purple. You can see the differences between the selected and unselected objects below.

If that didn’t help double-check that you have a working internet connection.

Hopefully, now you’ll get to exporting your first 3D models with Grib ?

We are building this FAQ section based on your feedback.

You can give feedback in Grib application directly or write to us at email

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