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The first workshop by Grib this autumn was in collaboration with Design Museo, Helsinki. A group of 24 teachers from different schools in the Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa region attended the workshop as a part of their teacher training sessions in design and technology conducted by the Design Museo.

Finnish educators are known for excellence when it comes to planning content and engaging students in their class. With the recent introduction of ‘phenomenon- (or topic-) based learning’ into the national curriculum alongside subject-based learning, teachers are looking for methods and tools to help foster 21st century skills in their students.

Introducing primary school children to concepts in mathematics and physics through arts and design while promoting a fun, collaborative classroom environment was the focus of the workshop.

Introduction to VR and AR

Markku Jussila, Head of Marketing for Glue, a hosting platform for collaboration in Virtual Reality, started by talking about difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as well as their most popular present uses. He also discussed the very interesting concept of ‘empathetic immersion’.  Packed with a lot of new information, it was a great learning session for everyone who took part in the workshop.

Grib 3D in classrooms

The next half of the workshop was presented by Joh Orengo of Grib, who spoke about how Augmented Reality can be incorporated into classrooms in order to build an exciting and collaborative learning environment for children.

“Good design should be easy to learn and fun to use”, Joh related. He explained how Grib’s 3D modeling app can be used to break down complex concepts into simpler chunks which is easier to learn and remember. The app’s potential in promoting problem solving, teamwork and more were also discussed.

At the end of the workshop the educators had an opportunity to discuss among themselves about the scope of a 3D app such a Grib in their classroom. It was seen as a fun, easy to use and quick to learn tool that would boost creativity and confidence among students at an early age. The workshop ended with the educators signing up to be a part of Grib’s pilot school program in early 2019.

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