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Seeking excellent experiences.

Our aim is to empower anyone to exercise their creativity as enjoyable as possible. We do this through an innovative and intuitive design which virtually removes the learning curve from 3D modeling. Our solution, Grib3D, is an extremely user-friendly app that enables 3D design in the real world using AR technology.

 Everything big has a small beginning.

Grib started in 2014 as a project in Aalto University’s supported open environment for innovation. After winning the Summer of Startups (2015) and graduating from the Founder Institute (2016), Founders established the company. The primary focus has been on the development of the solution in co-creation with designers, 3D educators, and enthusiasts. Grib has achieved multiple awards throughout the journey, including Nordic Startup Awards in 2019 and Auggie Awards in 2020.


Pouria Kay

Chief Executive Officer

You should be able to pick up a software product and use it rather than spending days on learning it to be able to use it.

Markus Levlin

Chairman of the Board

As a maker, I felt the lack of an easy way to do 3D models. I want to see something easy and powerful – the missing piece.

Miikka Miettinen

Chief Operations Officer

If everyone had easy means to expressing their creativity, the world would be a better place for all.

Anusha Ramakrishnan

Marketing Director

In my first try, I could not put the phone down and went on to create more 3D models. Grib sparks endless creativity and self-learning through fun.

Artyom Popov

Lead Developer

Extended reality is the future. Now is only the beginning of the development of these technologies. With Grib I help the future come earlier.

Casimir Kuusela


I saw the potential in Grib as a new way of creating and brainstorming for new games and even as a sandbox game in itself.

Belal Badr

Senior Software Developer

 I’ve always been searching for something I can build that would make a difference. I found Grib where you can create in a simple way. 

Niko Viik

Software Architect

I believe that mixed reality is the next big thing in the near future, and that’s why I joined Grib.

Paulo Pannuzzo


I wish I had Grib3D when I started using 3D software tools. I’m committed to the development and delivery of a simpler way to create and be creative.

Edoardo Fraccaro


I feel enthusiastic about being part of the future of 3D modeling. Grib will soon set a new standard on user experience.

Janne Kyttänen

Member of the Board

We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for real commercial AR applications. Grib is cooking something very interesting.