GribTown™ Helsinki: designers messing around 3D modeling and Augmented Reality

by | Nov 12, 2016 | GribTown

UX community in Helsinki invited designers to GribTown

UXify Helsinki organized first GribTown™ at Microsoft Flux, which was a successful experiment. During the workshop designers and design enthusiasts explored new ways of making 3D modeling easy and intuitive with the help of Augmented Reality. The participants with diverse backgrounds did several experiments to find out their preferred way of working in the 3D environment and expressed how this could best be done.

Grib the company that has founded GribTown™ has always been a strong believer in co-designing with the community from the start. The founders are convinced that there is no better strategy than learning directly from and developing solutions with your users, partners, and customers.

“Right after the graduation from Founder Institute, we started inviting and engaging our future users in the design process. People come because they share the same vision, they feel the same problem or the ideas we pursue, are interesting for them” says Pouria Kay, co-founder of Grib.

Hands-on workshop for learning about 3D modeling in AR

The event gathered about 30 participants from novice designers in 3D, engineers with a background in CAD to designers and architects with over 10 years of experience. The workshop itself was carried out in five parts: after the general introduction part, as a warm up practice, individuals were given a bottle and were asked to write and draw on a paper how they would design it in the fastest way. If they did not have any experience in 3D software, they could just think of a process of their own creation. Then they shared their way of modeling with the others. The key objective was to validate the fastest intuitive process in implementation.

UX design 3D modeling Augmented Reality Grib

Designers experimented new way of 3D modeling in AR

The third part was introducing different categories of 3D tools. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality tools were one category, in which Grib was introduced by showing a demo of its vision. Then in the next part, another experiment was conducted. This time a more complex (mechanical) 3D shape was given to participants. They chose their preferred type of tool they would like to use to model it. Afterward, they described the design process again. The tendencies in choosing the convenient tool varied based on their experience and background. The differences in the processes they described brought a lot of valuable information.

UXify Helsinki UX design Grib

UXify Helsinki workshop on UX design challenge for Grib

In the last part participants formed six groups and were given a task to design a bridge (“Isoisänsilta” in Helsinki) and they had to use just Grib. By doing that they defined the intuitive process of how Grib should be able to do it. The results were more than what was expected and had inspiring surprises even for experienced designers (who are used to a certain way of 3D modeling).

UXify Helsinki Microsoft Flux 3D Designers

Diverse backgrounds joined to brainstorm about 3D design and Augmented Reality

“I see a big potential in Grib when a total beginner described an easier way of designing, which I did not think about. I look forward to trying this application” one of the more experienced participants said.


Grib AR architecture Helsinki Microsoft Flux UXify

Presenting 3D modeling concepts with Grib while designing a real-life bridge in Helsinki

Grib is focused on innovation especially regarding user experience (UX design) and is constantly looking for creative minds to join the community and create a great application together. There will be more GribTown events coming up. You can join GribTown and learn about the next co-creation workshops like design workshop for kids. Then also join the UXify community to participate a wider range of UX events.


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