Summer of Startups is not about winning, but sometimes it happens

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SOS chose 10 teams out of 100 applications to participate in their program. After 9 weeks, on the Demoday at Startup Sauna in OtaniemiEspoo, all teams presented the results of a Summer they spent working. Some of the teams drew more attention than the others with their work and concept, Grib among them. We also raised the highest level of expectations for becoming a successful startup.

Influenced by the growing startup culture in Finland

Summer of Startups (now Kiuas) by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society (Aaltoes) is an accelerator program for innovative teams to bring their ideas to life. Aaltoes is one of the key players in the birth of startup culture in Finland. The society started to shape in 2009 when a bunch of students from Aalto University decided to start a co-working space. Soon they started Startup Sauna and Summer of Startups (SOS) accelerator programs. Then, they organized Slush for the first time in 2011. The growth continues.

Batch 2015 was formed out of over hundred teams competing to get into the program. Only 10 teams were selected for the program: Arctos.ioPrambagShadow BugIndeElffeThirdEyeStone EDGEMeiku&MeWorld of Dianthia, and Grib. There was a lot of work done during the Summer and what you saw was the topping of the results at the demo day. That day, most of the teams came with a working prototype, and some had even proceeded to trials. Everybody was enthusiastic about their projects. Exactly what you would expect to see. People with dreams, passion, and courage trying to make it happen.

Failing or succeeding can both lead to the same things: learning and success. Startup life is a chance for trying and helping to create the change we want to see in the world instead of waiting for it. The startup scene in Finland is not perfect, but it is at this moment one of the bests in the world and the good news is that it is growing fast and getting better every day. Because we want so. We want to make a better world and we know we can do it much better if we help each other. That’s what you see on a daily basis if you are around the startup hubs in Finland. This is the culture that has evolved thanks to the places like Aaltoes. It is beautiful and powerful.


Adding the human touch to 3D modeling

Most people think that 3D modeling is something that only professionals can do because tools and software products are complicated and time-taking to learn. Grib can make 3D modeling so easy that even kids can do it.

“I am a fond user of 3D modeling tools. I am aware of the limits and burdens of mouse/dimension based 3D drawing tools for the artists. Grib allows artistic touch to be applied and understood by the computer easily. If a mouse based tool was to be used, the process would take ages unless you are a pro” said Mukremin Balci, participant of the demo day.

Some people called Grib a game changer. By saying that it closes the huge gap between handcrafting and digital 3D modeling. Arctic Startup called it a revolutionary concept. Grib managed to project a vision successfully by demonstrating a combination of hardware and software, with which users could create computer models using their hands.  Holding a hardware device (a cylinder shape touchpad in this case) one can use gestures from the hand and fingers to send commands to a real-time software application that shows the creation. The device embodied pressure sensors that made the whole experience much more intuitive.

“It is similar to how we do with clays, but it takes the mess away, saves you from gravity, and gives you an undo button” said Samantha Hookway, artist & designer, HDK, Sweden

startup 3D prodcut development

Grib presented at Collaboratory, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2015

When Grib was selected to join the accelerator, it was more like being given a shot for its ambitious goal despite the complexity of the issue being tackled. But at the end, it came to everybody’s surprise when Grib managed to develop hardware and software prototypes and validate its concept in two months. The prototypes were displayed at the demo day, a week after its technology was patented and they were tested among a Collaboratory maker community inGothenburgSweden.

3D model seamless 3D design 3D modeling Summer of Startups

3D designs done within few minutes by novice people, SOS’15 Demoday

It has been two months since graduating the program. Grib has a concept and we are full of ideas. Trends are changing fast and there are new technologies on the horizon. One of the exciting things about innovation projects is this uncertainty. The best way to learn the path and grow fast is believed to be engaging users directly to the development process. We are going to share our vision with our potential users. If they share it, they most likely want to be part of it. That is when we can engage them. So, Grib has to be open to changes and pivoting.What we built was cool! However, the innovation life span may not last long. Judging by the trends, we expect some shifts, which means we may need to think of Grib as a software product and leave the hardware development – we are thinking about using well-established devices like mobile phones. Almost everybody has it, why not use it.

Grib is looking for advisors and people with the network in the industry who can help develop their business. But most importantly, we need your help to build a greater product – And that’s why we would like to welcome you to join our community GribTown™.


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