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3D modeling tools usually are complex and require a learning period to use them effectively. Grib has made 3D modeling so easy and intuitive, that you can grab the app and immediately start modeling. All you need is your mobile device and pen & paper. Using a tool shouldn’t be an exercise in patience just to learn the basics. With Grib, you can imagine what you want and create it in 3D to print, share, or import into a desktop 3D modeler.

Gribbing is a new experience.

We created Grib to make 3D modeling very intuitive. So you do not need to spend time learning a tool. If you like to enjoy making 3D models and maximize your freedom when sketching 3D ideas, You want to have this app.

Innovative user experience.

Grib offers a new user experience that allows you to work intuitively in actual 3D space and interact with your environment using augmented reality. Simply use your hands in real space, interact with others and give your ideas a 3D form.

Designed to make your life easier.

All you need is a pen, paper, and your mobile device. Grib is a cloud-based software that turns your mobile device into a universal controller. It enables you to work anywhere. Share models with friends, order a print or export them if needed. And it even works offline.

Leading app for its elegance.

With Grib you are also able to design complex objects up to 10 times faster than current common tools. No need to spend a long time learning 3D software products. We think it’s time that software adjusts to what you want to do and gets you there.

3D education matters to you? Let’s get in touch.

We invite you to try Grib. It is an excellent tool for 3D sketching and learning geometrical design. Grib does not demand much as a tool from the user. Hence, it gives them the freedom to do what they want – the ability to make things in their own creative way and explore. Grib has been able to return the lost users of other well-known tools. Novice students have been able to make models within 20 minutes after the first contact with a 3D software. Use Grib and enable students to unlock their potentials with a fun experience.

Join the community and shape the product you want to have.

We welcome you to join us and shape the product you love to hold in your hand. GribTown™ is an open community with series of co-creation workshops. We invite both orgnizations and individuals from different fields to participate in the design process. Whether your background is in 3D design, architecture, interior design, product and industrial design, engineering design, UX and UI design, or you are just an enthusiast; we warmly welcome you to GribTown™.

It matters what others say.

This app is quite playful. The pupil can play with the images can come up with ideas they otherwise would not come up with. This is a good tool for sketching in a new way.

Päivi Huhtinen

Teacher, Helsinki English School

It’s cool and different. Because you can see your creation in front of you.

Student grade 6, Espoo

The students caught on to the app and how to use it very intuitively, and they thought the app was easy and fun to use. All in all, the students were impressed and look forward to the next lesson.
Nora Poppius

Teacher, Staffansby lågstadieskola

I like Grib because it is liberal, you can do whatever you want.

Student grade 8, Helsinki

It has been 18 years since I started playing with AR. The equipment was very rough to say the least but we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for real commercial applications. I joined Grib to cook something very interesting for the future of augmented reality and 3D printing.

Janne Kyttanen

Digital Sculpter, 3D pinoneer, Janne Kyttanen

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