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Grib aims to democratise 3D content creation.
Create and design in 3D within minutes – no technical skills required.



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We aim to democratize 3D content creation.
So you can create from day one, learn on the go, and enjoy a much better experience, which is much more engaging, inspiring, and suitable for today’s expectations.

Formula 1 3D model file
Grib3D visualizing 3D ikea room

The easiest and most engaging way of making 3D content

Grib3D in comparison with other 3D modeling tools*

Faster Learning

New 3D users learn to make content in a matter of minutes instead of hours.


Intrinsic Motivation

New users show significantly higher intrinsic motivation using Grib3D.

Higher Engagement

Yong users find Grib3D more immersive and engaging than other 3D tools.

* Studies by Grib and the University of Cambridge comparing Grib3D with the former tools in use.

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